These ConnecTeach projects have benefited nearly 5,150 teachers,  in turn directly impacting over 330,000 students, making a difference that will last a lifetime.

Walugogo Teacher Training College

Located in the Iganga District, this private college was established to “create opportunities for a whole region of underprivileged students to have access to the teaching profession,” according to founder Rachel Magoola. Partnering with Kikulu Foundation, ConnecTeach was pleased to launch a pilot project for teacher development. Following the success of this initiative, ConnecTeach and Walugogo are launching a long-term project to build Teacher and Student Leadership for the teachers and and secondary students throughout Iganga District.

Hope Foundation

ConnecTeach is celebrating its fifth year of partnership with the Hope Foundation schools in Hyderabad and Chennai. Following the successful implementation of workshops and completion of follow-up activities, we have initiated three Teacher Leaders from the Hope Foundation schools to reinforce the lasting impact of effective teaching practices and ongoing creative collaboration. Usha, Divya, and Rani are serving as role models of engaged teaching in their schools and supporting their colleagues to raise the standard of education for children living and learning in the slums.

In 2015, ConnecTeach won a Dell Partnership grant with HOPE to implement a digital literacy program with HOPE and several of its partners in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Prabath, the Chief Program Officer in Chennai, for Hope Foundation, has this to say about partnering with ConnecTeach: ”We are of the opinion that partnering with ConnecTeach will be a boon not only to us but to the colony residents too.”

CARE India

What began as a pilot training project for English language teachers has blossomed into a rich collaboration that impacts education quality on a regional and national level.

We are designing and delivering a comprehensive series of English Language Literacy workshops and materials, consulting on effective development of Language Resource Centers, and participation in policy pape rs to develop an early literacy initiative. Partnering since early 2014, it is a joy to support the effort and dedication that the teachers and trainersin this organization have, and we are proud to work together to raise the level of education quality for the many students they serve.

Om Foundation

Om Foundation, founded in 2002, is an urban slum school in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.  While the school is co-educational and serves over 200 students, preference is given to girl children, who are typically denied access to education. We have partnered with Om Foundation since 2012.

The Garage School

The Garage School is committed to developing, motivating, and supporting the lives of underprivileged children in Karachi, Pakistan. We are happy to support the dedicated staff of this school through online modules and resources for success that would otherwise not be available. Through The Garage School and their outreach efforts, ConnecTeach will be impacting several additional schools through a unique strategy of distance capacity building.

Raje Chatrapati Maharaj Vidyalaya

Located in Dharavi, Mumbai, South Asia’s largest slum, Raje Chatrapati Maharaj Vidyalaya serves over 2,500 students, in grades K-10. This is one of a few schools serving the children living in this slum. ConnecTeach initiated a partnership with  a 2-day workshop in the summer of 2014.

Katha Lab Schools

Katha Lab schools, founded in 1988, works to reduce social injustice and poverty through education. There are a total of 71 schools that serve over 8,250 slum children in north India. ConnecTeach worked with the Katha school in Govindpuri slums in 2012 to provide professional development for 80 teachers.

The Covenant Center for Development (CCD)

The CCD was founded in 1993 to work with rural schools, youth, and women near Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Sri Ramana Maharishi Primary and Nursery School, in Sevaiyur is a small rural school, with only 10 teachers serving over 200 students from 10 villages. We worked with CCD and 7 other schools in and around Madurai in 2012.

St. Mary’s High School – Coimbatore

St. Mary’s High School in Coimbatore is affiliated with Hope Foundation schools, a longtime ConnecTeach partner. The Indian government pays the salaries of the teachers in grades 6, 7, and 8. This leads to a division in the faculty, as the government-subsidized teachers are paid almost seven times more and the professional accountability is less. Although St. Mary’s is an English medium school, the government does not support the English classes. The government school teachers have recently participated in government driven professional development which included English as a topic.

St. Mary’s students from every religion are accepted. Most students (60%) are identified as Hindu, 30% are Muslim, and 10% are Christian. Twenty-five percent of the student body is identified as coming from the Most Backward Castes. Difficult home life situations weigh heavily on student performance, and absence is a common problem.

In June. 2015, ConnecTeach conducted a two-day workshop at St. Mary’s, covering a range of topics that included effective questioning, lesson planning, student engagement, and classroom management.

ConnecTeach is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (EIN/tax ID number: 45-3192080).

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Last modified: November 18, 2020

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