At ConnecTeach, we want you to understand how your involvement impacts lives. Our goal is to continuously improve our services and develop a model that is designed to scale. The only way to do this is to constantly evaluate how we, our partnership schools, and our certified teacher trainers are doing. Our system of accountability is based on SMART goals. Specific   We adapt our programs and services to ensure that each professional development module meets the school’s specific needs based on pre-workshop questionnaires and post-workshop feedback. Measurable  We measure progress against goals at both ends of the partnership. We collect data on the impact of the ConnecTeach workshops on student and teacher attendance and achievement. Attainable  We know that our goals to support quality education are met when the majority of students at our partner schools have demonstrated superior academic progress measured relative to comparable schools. Relevant  Our programs are designed not only to foster the student’s ability to learn, but also to meet standards relevant to our partner schools as measured by student performance on local, state, and national tests. Time-Bound  We measure improvement in teaching and student academic achievement over a period of two to five years. Through long-term, long-distance mentoring, we monitor how modules are being implemented, giving our instructors a chance to evaluate student and teacher progress, and refine our services to better meet changing needs. We believe that we can impact teacher perceptions and attitudes toward students in schools by sharing universal principles of good teaching.

Last modified: November 18, 2020

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